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Art: Sylvianne Le Dû


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New album - Mousson de Calcutta

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Sudeshna started learning the sarod from her father, Sri Krishna Mohan Bhattacharya, who was a student of Pandit Radhika Mohan Maitra. She began at four years old, growing up in a family deeply connected to Indian classical music. Her grandfather also played a big role, learning from Ustad Ameer Khan Sarodia of the Senia Vinkaar Gharana.

At eight, Sudeshna began formal training under the renowned maestro, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

In 2003, Sudeshna was invited by the French Ministry of Culture to France, where she spent ten years performing concerts in France and abroad, giving workshops, recording music, and participating in cultural events.

In 2013 Sudeshna moved to Norway. In Norway she lectured for master's students at Norway's Academy of Music, and all the way Sudeshna has continued to perform live, compose and teach music, release albums and much more.


"Creating something truly exceptional"
CD review World Music Central 2023

CD review World Music Central 2019

"Sudeshna Bhattachary has impressed me with her dedication"
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan to Asian Age

"World class Sarod"
Swedish National Radio

"A Sarod Maestro"
Norwegian National Radio


Sudeshna Bhattacharya:
Phone: +47 93209849

Payment and donation:


Classes Indian Classical Music:
Technical training for instruments
Voice training
Singing lessons
Indian raga and Indian scale
Rhythm cycles (tala)
Tabla accompaniment

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Sudeshna is deeply immersed in the rich tradition of North Indian classical music, specializing in the Sarod. This instrument boasts nineteen strings, traces its lineage back to the Rabab of Central Asia, undergoing modifications in several generations to better suit Indian musical sensibilities. Typically, children begin their journey with the Sarod at the tender age of four, devoting years to mastering its intricacies.

Unlike the sitar, where the placement of individual notes on the fretboard is fixed akin to the violin or cello, the Sarod offers a unique flexibility. This quality, shared with both Western and Indian bowed instruments, is crucial in navigating the microtonal nuances integral to Indian music.

In India, musical heritage is predominantly passed down from father to son, resulting in a scarcity of female musicians. Sudeshna defied this trend, commencing her training at the age of four under the guidance of her father, Pandit Shri Krishna Mohan Bhattacharya. Revered not only for his mastery of the Sarod but also for his expertise in the dhrupad vocal style, he inherited his knowledge from his father, Pandit Biswanath Bhattacharya, and the esteemed Sarod maestro Pandit Radhika Mohan Maitra.

Sudeshna's talent blossomed early; by the age of seven, she gave her inaugural public performance and began participating in musical competitions, consistently emerging victorious. Her remarkable abilities were recognized when she became the youngest recipient of the Indian national scholarship, which she held until the age of twenty. During this period, she showcased her talents on various platforms, including radio, live performances, and television.

At eight, Sudeshna embarked on a transformative journey under the tutelage of the legendary Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, earning the distinction of being his Gandabandh disciple. Her musical prowess continued to flourish, leading to accolades such as the title of Best Indian Musician in 2001 and Best Music Performer in India in 2002. Sudeshna holds the esteemed "Sangeet Visharad" degree from Varanasi.

Sudeshna's European debut in 1999 marked the beginning of her international recognition, captivating audiences across Belgium, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and Norway. The Ministry of Culture in France further solidified her presence on the global stage by offering her a decade-long contract at the Strictly Mundial international festival in 2003. Since then, she has called Marseille home, leveraging the support of the French Ministry of Culture to enrich the local cultural landscape through concerts, teaching, and recordings.

Sudeshna's musical journey has transcended borders, captivating audiences in India, France, Norway, Portugal, England, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Israel, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Hungary, Reunion, Monaco, Morocco, Thailand, Denmark, Romania, Serbia, and Sweden. Notable performances include the Babel Med International festival in Marseille in March 2007, broadcasted live on fifty-six French radio channels.

Currently residing in Norway, Sudeshna spent three years lecturing master's students at the Norwegian Academy of Music. Despite her extensive accomplishments, she remains committed to her craft, continuously exploring new musical horizons through concerts, recordings, and collaborations that fuse Indian classical with diverse musical traditions around the world.